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Spring Festival Tours 2011

If you are planning a tour to China in Jan.-Feb. 2011, you will have chance to experience the special Spring Festival

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Lion Dance Show in Guilin

legend of the spring festival

Performing dragon and lion dances during the Spring Festival has been a traditional Chinese celebrating activity especially performed during Chinese New Year, including Guilin of Guangxi Autonomous Region. The Lion Dance Show, as an important part of Chinese Spring Festival, is also a spectacular event in Guilin in this festival season, people get together and share their happiness during both performing and appreciating the show. People laugh and cheer for the lion dancers, joy is overflowing.

The lion is usually supported by two or more dancers. One handles the head, made out of strong but light materials like paper-cloth and bamboo, while the others plays the body and the tail under a cloth that is attached to the head. The Lion Dance is accompanied to music made by large drum, cymbals and gong. There are also other masked dancers in the front tease each lion with a fan or a giant ball. To give life to the lion, the lion dancers imitate the lion to make many lion moves and the head dancer can move the lion's eyes, mouth and ears for rich expression.

The lion dance combines art, history and Kungfu moves. Each move has a specific musical rhythm and the lion dancers usually perform to the music. Since lion is the king of animals, lion dance is recognized as a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration to dispel evil and bring good luck.

Climax of the Lion Dance

The dramatic climax of the lion dance is the Cai Qing or "Picking the Green". The green here refers to vegetable leaves which are tied to a piece of string attached with a red packet containing money. The string is hung in a high place, and the lion "eats" both leaves and the red packet. Lying on the ground the leaves are "chewed" by the lion while the musicians play a dramatic rolling crescendo. The lull is broken as the lion explodes back into activity while spitting out the leaves. This is a symbolic act of blessing by the lion, with the spitting out of the leaves signifying that there will be an abundance of everything including good luck in the new year.

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