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Chinese New Year 2011

Chinese (Lunar) New Year or Spring Festival (lasts for 15 days) is the most important, ceremonious and prosperous traditional Chinese festival with long history and large regional span. Falling on the first day of the first lunar month in Chinese lunar calendar, it signifies the coming of spring and new start for everything after the past gloomy winter. It is also the most important family-reunion festival for Chinese as Christmas for people in some western countries. Traditionally on the Eve of the New Year’s Day, which is called Chu Xi (Reunion Evening) in Chinese, family members sit around, make Chinese dumplings in happy atmosphere and then enjoy a big family reunion dinner together. The traditional celebrations and activities during the New Year holiday are rich and varied, including cleaning houses, preparing goods, sticking New Year couplets and paintings, setting off firecrackers and fireworks, enjoying family reunion feast, holding and performing traditional festive activities such as temple fairs, dragon dance, lion dance and Yangge (or Yangko, a popular rural folk dance), etc.

What is the date of Chinese New Year 2011? The Chinese New Year 2011(Rabbit Year according to the Chinese 12 Zodiac) begins from February 3rd, 2011 (the first day of the first month in Chinese lunar calendar) and lasts 15 days until February 17th, 2011. The last day of the New Year period is the Lantern Festival, on which all kinds of Lantern Show are held.

Spend a traditional and festive Chinese New Year with Chinese this year!

----Experience unique Chinese Spring Festival celebrations with traditional New Year couplets, red lanterns, firecracker setting, festival cuisines and snacks, family reunion dinner and temple affairs…

Special offers for Chinese Spring Festival 2011 Tours are provided from now on! We will do our best as usual to provide you with a satisfactory and flexible itinerary and be ready to help you with the problems you may meet throughout the tour. Join in our Chinese New Year Tours and enjoy a fantastic and distinct Chinese New Year in China with us!

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    With the coming of the annual Spring Festival, every city in China, especially the big cities, is always dressed up with vivid Chinese traditional decorations such as red lanterns and welcomes the New Year by holding all kinds of official...
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Spring Festival Tour Packages in China

  • from $3876 Days Traditional Beijing Spring Festival Tour

    Destination: Beijing
    Features: Beijing is rich in history and culture, the Great wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Those heritage sites will take you back to thousands years ago when you enjoy here, the image that you dream in your mind for a longtime now become a reality...


  • from $10159 Days Golden Triangle Spring Festival Tour

    Destination: Beijing,Xi'an,Shanghai
    Features: The tour covers the two famous ancient capitals and one modern metropolis. Beijing is so rich in heritage sites and culture, the Great wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Xian was the capital of 13 dynasties in history, well-known for the incredible Terracotta Army...


  • from $192015 Days Splendid China Spring Festival Tour

    Destination: Hongkong,Guangzhou,Guilin,Xi'an,Beijing,Shanghai
    Features: This tour will take you to Chinas southern and northern cities during the Spring Festival, their unique tradition vary and you will have a in-dept touch of the brilliant Chinese folk culture...