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Overviews About Travelling to China

Tourists may have only one chance to travel to China because of various reasons (old age, lack of time,etc). Considering such situation, we specially select some most worthy tourist destinations in China to help you enjoy the highlights as much as possible in limited travel time or budget.

China's Best Scenery in Four Seasons

1. Spring: Accumulated snow in cold areas melts and the snow-covered nature reveals; Flowers especially peach blossom and rape flowers are in full bloom;

2. Summer: It is generally sunny in summer and it is the best season for traveling especially water sport such as drifting and other outdoors travel;

3. Autumn: During this season, many trees and plants get withered and turn the nature into a colorful world;

4. Winter: In cold areas, everything is covered with snow and tourists can see a distinct snow world during their tours;

  • Spring,Guilin

    Float down the Li River in a boat - Guilin appears more beautiful than the heaven.

  • Summer, Zhangjiajie.

    Magical, Lofty, Majestic, Primeval, Fresh - What else are you expecting?

  • Autumn,Hike the Great Wall

    Beijing, to discover the most wild Great Wall sections.

  • Winter, Yellow Mountain.

    Fantastic sea of clouds, beautiful rime, a perfect white world.


Float down the Li River in a boat - Guilin appears more beautiful than the heaven.

Four Seasons in China

Spring in China (Mar. - May)
Spring means getting warm again after the cold spell and the recovery of the nature in China. Traveling to China during this time, tourists can enjoy the newly-born scenery with a pleasant climate at a low tour cost.

Summer in China (Jun. - Aug.)
Summer is hot but a good season for traveling in China due to the delightful weather, but commonly there are much more tourists and the tour cost is a little comparatively higher.

Autumn in China (Sept. - Nov.)
SIt gets cool in autumn and busy season of tourism continues in China.

Winter in China (Dec. - Feb.)
Many places in China snow in winter and tourist can enjoy breathtaking snow scenery at a low price again due to the coming of low season of tourism in China.

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