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Design your own tour with our help to meet your unique interests. You don't have to compromise. Do exactly what you want to do! Let us assist you to tailor-make your own China experience.

We will show you the culture and people of China

How to visit China for foreigners? Join in whistlestop group tours with ossified patterning itineraries, or take highly required self-service tour? Then you feel tired out and can not experience the real China, even miss the most interesting parts. What a pity!

Thus as professional and experienced tour advisors, VisitOurChina sincerely aims to provide high-quality private tours at affordable prices to our every client, taking you to discover the most real Chinese and their life. Unlike other tours which rush you from site to site, dotted with shopping stops, all of our China package tours are carefully created to ensure that China’s incredible culture and people are highlighted, as well as its incredible sites to show you the real China.

Close to the Chinese people:

  • Picturesque countryside in Guilin, buffalos and friendly Chinese farmers

  • Unique hutong tour on a Chinese rickshaw

  • Join in Chinese characteristic square dance with local people

  • Cute monkey cosplay on the street

  • Chinese traditional rickshaw in Beijing hutongs

  • Play with Chinese yo-yo, a funny folk entertainment

Chinese Cultural Activities:

  • Take a cooking class to learn how to make classical Chinese dishes

  • Wear Dong ethnic minority’s costumes, Longsheng Terraced Fields

  • Taste local food in each city, take a deeper knowledge of Chinese cuisines

  • Learn Chinese calligraphy and how to use Chinese brush

  • Play Tai Ji, a popular Chinese Kung Fu

  • Photo with terracotta Warriors, a UNESCO protected human masterpiece

Discover Unusual Tour Routes:

  • Cross the desert to experience the ancient Silk Road

  • Visit ethnic minority areas to see their costumes, architecture, food and culture

  • Take a countryside cycling in Yangshuo, pass through the pretty karst landscape

  • Hike on wild Great Wall to make an once-in-a-lifetime journey

  • Take care a giant panda in Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base

  • Cycling on the top of the ancient City Wall in Xi’an