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Top Destinations in China

  • Boasts a great number of treasures at all aspects, capital Beijing is the must-see city at any China travel that will never let you down.

    3 Days Beijing Highlights Tour
  • Huge skyscrapers, Bund, big shopping malls, museums, multicultural people… the sleepless Shanghai is where the modernity and up-to-date country that has become China.

    3 Days Essence of Shanghai Tour
  • One of great ancient capitals of China and home to Terracotta Army and Horses, the “Natural History Museum of China” Xi’an flourishes with remnants of Chinese civilization.

    3 Days Essence of Xi'an Tour
  • Proud of its "Landscapes is second to none under heaven", Guilin is the site of the picturesque Li River, peculiar karst peaks & caves, and Chinese painting-like rural landscapes.

    4 Days Guilin / Yangshuo / Longsheng Tour
  • A home to 54 ethnic groups, Yunnan is no lack of natural wonders and ancient relics, Kunming, Dali, Diqing (Shangri-La), Lijiang…can definitely feast you with their diverse beauties.

    8 Days Yunnan Discovery Tour
  • A cradle of Chinese civilization, Yangtze River deserves its reputation with stunning natural wonders, rich historical and cultural relics, a wide array of ecosystems, verdant mountains and endemic species…

    16 Days Yangtze Historical and Picturesque Tour
  • The inspiration of movie Avatar, Zhangjiajie is the nature wonder: karst upthrusts, waterfalls, limestone caves and rivers, and hundreds of rare flora and fauna species.

    4 Days Zhangjiajie Impression Tour
  • Historical sites, site for international events, cultural diversity and delightful delicacies, a trip to Guangzhou is entering in the deep and harmonious diversity of the Chinese culture.

    2 Days Guangzhou Highlight Tour