Chinese New Year 2015

Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is the most important festival in China, just like Christmas in the west. The festival is based on Chinese lunar calendar, begins from the first day of the first lunar month and ends on the fifth day of the first lunar month (Lantern Festival). Preparations for the festival began as early as two weeks before the festival begins to do home cleaning, purchasing of decorations and food.

On the New Year’s Eve, everyone will go home to have the reunion dinner with their families, watch Spring Festival Gala, and stay up late to watch in the New Year. At midnight, people lights fireworks. It is a very exciting moment, when the entire night sky is lit up. During the festival, the whole nation plunges into celebrating, entertainment and eating. Many traditional activities are carried out throughout China, such as the lion dance, dragon dance, Yangko parade, temple fair, flower fair, and much more.

When does Chinese New Year fall in 2015?

Chinese New Year usually falls in the months of January and February in western calendar. But this year, 2015 Spring Festival will come a little latter on Thursday, 19 February 2015 and lasts for 15 days till Lantern Festival on Thursday, 5 March 2015.

The Year of Sheep 2015

The Chinese Zodiac runs on a twelve-year cycle, with every year symbolized by a different animal. It is believed that each animal has its own unique attributes and people born under that year share those attributes. The year of 2015 is the sheep year. It is said that sheep symbols beauty, auspicious and gourmet, people born in the sheep year are gentle, graceful, warm-hearted, obedient, faithful, sensitive with some timid and pessimistic... >> more

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Recommended China Spring Festival Tours

6 Days Traditional Beijing Spring Festival Tour

Destination: Beijing
Features: Beijing is China's political, economic, cultural and educational center as well as China's most important center for international trade and communications. For more than 800 years, Beijing was a capital city; 34 emperors have lived and ruled the nation in Beijing and their empires left Beijing a great number of treasures at all aspects. During the Spring Festival, people can still see the great heritage sites sent out...

from $387

5 Days Memorable Guilin Spring Festival Tour

Destination: Guilin
Features: Guilin is famous all over the world and boasts with "the best landscapes under the heaven". The charming of Guilin lies in its characteristic krast landform with graceful hills, marvelous caves, beautiful waters and picturesque paddy fields and their hardworking and friendly possessors live along the banks of the Li River. During the Spring Festival, visitors can enjoy both the scenery beauties...

from $531

9 Days Golden Triangle Spring Festival Tour

Destination: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai
Features: The tour covers the two famous ancient capitals and one modern metropolis. Beijing is so rich in Chinese culture and heritage sites, e.g. temple fairs, Great wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Xi'an used to be the capital of 13 dynasties in Chinese history, well-known for the incredible Terracotta Warriors and Horses. These two cities will bring you a feeling of getting back to ancient China when you enjoy the Spring...

from $387

15 Days Splendid China Spring Festival Tour

Destination: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Guilin, Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai
Features: This tour will show you around China southern and northern cities during the Spring Festival. Their unique traditions vary and you will have an in-depth touch with these brilliant Chinese folk cultures. The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Terra-cotta Warriors, Li River Cruise, Hong Kong New Year Parade, Guangzhou Flower Fair... you will have much more than this during this joyous Chinese New trip.

from $387

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