Nyingchi Weather

Falling into tropical humid climate zone and semi-humid climate zone, Nyingchi is generally warm and humid throughout the year. The annual precipitation is about 650 millimetres, the annual temperature on average is 8.7℃, and frost-free periods last 180 days.

In the spring, when the March sun shines upon the earth, the snow white, peach blossom are making a picture full of vitality. On 15th March, peach blossom festival is launched, when folk songs and dances are stages, a variety of activities are held. In summer, verdant scenery are attractive, but when it comes to May to September, heavy rains often cause debris flow, landslide, collapse and other natural disasters, which is detrimental to highway traffic connecting southeast valleys. In autumn, the colour is most rich in this season. Green valleys, golden pine trees, white snow mountains and glaciers, constitute a dreamlike fairy tale. In winter, visitors often feel dry in this season. Though it is warm in the morning, it is extremely cold at night. So remember to bring enough clothes when you tour around in Nyingchi in winter. The best time to visit Nyingchi is from April to October when the highest temperature in summer (June to August) can be more than 20℃. If you tour around Nyingchi in rainy days, keep balance when watch out your steps.