Nyingchi Cuisine

Apart from food that can also be found in any other areas of Tibet such as dried air meat, barley wine, zanba, buttered tea, some specialties of ethnic groups are also available. Take Lopa minority for example. Their wine is divided into two kinds, millet wine and distilled spirit; their meal is made from maize pulp, rice, vegetables, peppers, barbeques and so forth. As is the custom, the meal is allotted by hostess on a per head basis. Generally speaking, people eat in a bamboo container with their hands. Moreover, the most distinctive food is roasted rats, with which guests of honour are entertained.

Chicken in the pot (石锅鸡)

Even those who have never been to Nyingchi have heard the name of this dish, in that it is really yummy! The ingredients include the chicken raised in the local, conic gymnadenia tuber, Chinese angelica, fritillary, medlar and other traditional Chinese medicine. After steaming for two hours, the dish smells warm and inviting.

Zangxiang pig (藏香猪)

Zangxiang pig, as the specialty of Nyingchi, tastes good, fat but not greasy. You can try it on the Bayi Town where many restaurants offer it.

Zangxiang chicken (藏香鸡)

Zangxiang chicken is the free-range chicken in Tibet, a unique species in plateau. Due to its growing environment, special feeding, the flesh of the chicken is fresh and rich in protein and vitamin and low in fat.

Conic gymnadenia tuber (手掌参)

Conic gymnadenia tuber, abundant in vitamin, minerals, saccharides, is the indispensable health care product, helping you get rid of diabetes, chronic hepatitis, tonify your blood and qi, and cure neurasthenia. It can be soaked in the wine or made in the soup.