HK's Tourist Arrivals Grow 22% in August

created: 2010-09-26

Tourism Board of Hong Kong revealed on Thursday that about 3.46 million visitors visited Hong Kong in August, rising 21.9 percent year-on-year due to a surge in mainland arrivals.
Mainland arrivals rose 27.7 percent to 2.37 million, the highest level ever as more are traveling during their summer holidays.
For other short-haul regions, tourists from South and Southeast Asia rose 20.1 percent due to more frequent flights and summer promotions. Arrivals from South Korea rose 35.7 percent, believed to be prompted by the appreciation of the won currency.
With a stabilizing economic environment and increasing business travelers, long-haul arrivals grew 5.9 percent. Russia and India arrivals rose 84 percent and 41.4 percent respectively.
There were more than 1.95 million overnight visitors. About 56.7 percent of all arrivals stayed in the city for at least one night, up 16.5 percent, the Tourism Board said.

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