China Unveils It First Tourism Academy

created: 2010-07-06

Jointly set up by the China National Tourism Administration and the Beijing International Studies University, the Chinese Academy for Tourism Talent Development has been unveiled to the public.

As an independent national tourism talent development institution, the main functions of the academy include: study the needs and development rules for Chinese tourism talent to provide planning and policy advice services to tourism departments at various levels and in various tourism enterprises institutions; to establish a national tourism talent information database and network to publish supply and demand information regularly offering tourism talent information service to tourism departments, enterprises and institutions; and to undertake high-level tourism talent development and training work commissioned by tourism departments, enterprises and institutions.

From 2010, the academy will publish a "China Tourism Talent Development Annual Report" each year. The national tourism talent information network that will be launched very soon will be the only nationwide authoritative publishing platform for tourism talent information.

CNTA and BISU have signed a cooperation agreement covering the building of the China Academy for Tourism Talent Development, accelerating the construction of the academic study of tourism, together with fostering high-level tourism talent, and organizing tourism professionals to train personnel in grassroots institutions.

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