New Century Tourism Group To build Leisure Resort In Shaoxing

created: 2010-05-10

Local media reports that New Century Tourism Group will rent more than 80 buildings in Yuling Village, at the foot of Kuaiji Mountain of Shaoxing, to build a high-end leisure resort hotel.

Yuling Village is six kilometers southeast of downtown Shaoxing, near to the tomb of Yu the Great, the legendary founder of the Xia Dynasty.

The hotel will integrate the area's natural ecology, its scenic location, its historic culture, and beautiful landscape with various cultural themes covering Kuaiji Mountain, water town, liquor, Yu the Great, and calligraphy. Modern elements will be combined with the primitive building style and other supporting elements such as shopping.

According to an official from New Century Tourism Group, Shaoxing has seen a rapidly developing tourism industry in recent years and business activities are also increasing. The hotel in Yuling Village with its distinguished culture will be attractive to consumers.


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