Top And Most Attractive Towns In China

created: 2010-03-23

1. Wuzhen, The most beautiful place in China

Location: North of Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province

Attractions: The town is not as famous as Zhouzhuang, but it just like a pretty young lady who is sitting there quietly. The scenery is so amazing, you will mistake it for a picture.


2. Ancient town Lijiang, Heaven on the earth

Location: Lijiang County, northwest of Yunnan Province

Attractions: The primitive simplicity and natural beauty as well as the Dongba culture will make you enjoy yourself so much, you will never want to go home.


3. Shuimowuyuan, An ideal world

Location: Northeast of Jiangxi Province.

Attractions: The town is located in the gold triangle tourism district. When you are walking on the street in the evening especially in a rainy day, you'll think you are dreaming.


4. Ancient Location: On the bank of Tuo River in the west part of Hunan.

Attractions: Shen Congwen, a famous Chinese writer, popularized this town in a work named "Biancheng" which means the border town. In his words, all the things here are extremely gorgeous.


5. Jiuzhaigou

Location: Aba Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province which is 400 kilometers far away from Chengdu.

Attractions: The environment here has been well protected and its variety of attractive sceneries have won it a high reputation.


6. Dunhuang, Capital of Oriental Arts

Location: Sits in the west part of the Hexi Corridor.

Attractions: New Dunhuang town is a spectacular tourist town, known as the "Capital of Oriental Art".


7. Burqin, Baihaba County

Location: Tucked away in the valley plains of Altai Mountain.

Attractions: Frame houses, smoke wafting from kitchen chimneys, the diligent women and the shepherds make you understand the quaint charm of the lifestyle and culture in China's western region. 


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