Food Safety Guaranteed for Bo'ao Tourism Forum

created: 2010-03-02

The food safety and public health plan for Bo'ao International Tourism Forum has been set out recently, according to Hainan Special Zone Newspaper.

Food safety is regarded as very important. "We can not be too careful in our work in terms of food," said the deputy director of the public health emergency office, "officials will be sent to hotels to monitor food safety in the process of raw materials procurement to food processing to cooking. The dish samples will be kept and ready for checking anytime."

The main venue for the forum is in Yalong Bay of Sanya. In order to ensure public health, Sanya Public Health Bureau has devised a detailed medical and public health plan. Five working teams were set up including a front line medical team, second-line medical team, food safety and public health team, disease control team and rear services team.

Haikou Public Health Bureau also devised a public health plan for the affiliated forum in Haikou. A food safety team, medical team and H1N1 disease control team have been set up.


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