Enjoy Going Club Opens In Hunan

created: 2010-02-22

CYTS Tours Hunan International has set up a tourist theme club called Enjoy Going in Changsha that is reported to be the first of its kind in mainland China.

Li Ming, the director of CYTS Hunan, stated that the club will impress tourists with its brand new travel concepts. It is not only a bonus for consumers, but a also channel to change their views of traditional travel agencies and to show the strengths of Hunan travel agencies.

The membership-based club is expected to set a new trend in Hunan's tourism market. According to Dai Lu, who is in charge of marketing in CYTS Hunan, members do not need to pay any fees and can enjoy all the services of the club. Dai also said that the club is not only open to member. Professional services, such as lectures on travel etiquette, are available to every tourist.

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