Chongqing Invests CNY3 Billion In Three Gorges Tourism Zone

created: 2010-01-12

Chongqing has designated 2010 as the year for the Three Gorges Tourism construction and plans to invest CNY3 billion to build the Three Gorges International Tourism golden zone.

To unify the development of the Three Gorges tourism, the Chongqing government has Chongqing Traffic and Tourism Investment Group Company — a well-known and experienced travel service provider — the responsibility for integrating and managing the transportation and service tasks involved in the construction of Three Gorges Tourism golden zone.

Tan Xiwei, the vice mayor of Chongqing, has said that to achieve the goal of building the Three Gorges into an international tourism golden zone, Chongqing needs to not only improve its tourism facilities and service quality, but also to explore the overseas market.

It is understood that the Three Gorges features natural and tourism resources that are comparable with those of Zhangjiajie in Hubei province, but it lags far behind Zhangjiajie in both tourist numbers and tourism revenue. For example in 2009 Zhangjiajie received 11.8 million tourists while the number of tourists for the Three Gorges was only about two million.

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