Jilin And Changchun Plan To Integrate Tourism

created: 2009-12-16

Two cities in Jilin province, Changchun and Jilin, have signed the Changchun-Jilin Tourism Integration Agreement in Changchun, marking the first phase of building the "Changchun-Jilin tourism economy circle".

Both cities are in the core areas of Jilin province's tourism circle. They are already cooperating in ice and snow related tourist products and this long-term agreement will promote integration of tourist product development, tourism marketing, tourism policies, and tourism industry management led by the two governments.

When making or modifying regional tourism development plans, the two cities both agree to give the "Changchun-Jilin tourism economy circle" a prominent role. In the meantime they will create boutique tourist routes by integrating their distinctive resources to set up a tourist product system that can satisfy the needs of different domestic and foreign source markets.

In addition to this bilateral cooperation, they will also launch cooperative ventures with other cities in the province, such as Yanbian, to enhance regional tourism cooperation.

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