Macao to reclaim land

created: 2009-12-03

The State Council has approved Macao's proposal to reclaim 361.65 hectares of land from the sea to construct a new urban area, Macao's Chief Executive Office announced Monday.

Macao Chief Executive, Edmund Ho Hau Wah, expressed his gratitude for the approval, according to the Macao Special Administrative Region government website.

The reclaimed land will become new urban areas of Macao, with many public facilities and green areas.

Some of the reclaimed land will be reserved for public housing and projects to benefit the diversification of Macao's economy, according to the website.

The Central Government requested Macao pay attention to the protection of the environment in the course of reclamation.

Ho said that the Macao government would take into consideration the views of the public and experts during the urban planning process for usage of the land.

Macao's current land area only amounts to 29.2 square kilometers, with the reclamation of land from the sea one of the main methods being used in the face of land shortage.

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