Niigata Government Will Reward Harbin Agencies

created: 2009-11-23

To encourage more tourists to visit Niigata, Japan, the Niigata government will reward travel agencies in Harbin for sending tourists to Niigata.

It is learned that the Niigata government will give up to JPY800,000 to agencies that have successfully sold tours to Niigata. Specifically, JPY2,000 will be given to agencies that have provided one tourist for a one night stay in Niigata; and JPY1,000 per person per night will be given to those that have organzied educational tours that mainly include children and students.

Niigata is an important port city of Japan, boasting rich seaview tourism resources. Currently there are four flights each week between Harbin and Niigata. Harbin and Niigata have been twin cities for 30 years.

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