Nanjing to have three new North America air routes

created: 2009-11-19

It is learned from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and China Eastern Airlines Jiangsu branch, that Nanjing is about to launch three new routes to North America in November.

Air China will open a Nanjing to New York route via Beijing from November 20, 2009, while China Eastern will launch Nanjing to Los Angeles via Shanghai Pudong, and Nanjing to Vancouver via Shanghai Pudong routes starting from November 28,2009.

Jiangsu provincial government has set up a four-year special fund for developing international air routes, investing 80 million yuan a year to subsidize international routes at the initial stage following their launch, especially routes to the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Both Air China and China Eastern are confident about passenger sources, arranging one flight each day for the three routes.

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