Five Countries To Promote Circum-Japan Sea Travel

created: 2009-11-09

Tourism departments from China, Russia, South Korea, North Korea and Japan have reached a consensus on a cruise route for cross-border travel.

According to an official of the Jilin Provincial Tourism Administration, the cruise route is planned to start from Hunchun in Jilin and then includes stops in Vladivostok in Russia, Rason in North Korea, Sokcho in South Korea, a location in Japan, and then returning to Hunchun.

Tourism departments from the five countries are now working to resolve visa and other possible issues to make sure the route could be successfully launched.

Jilin is one of the few provinces in China that can operate cross-border travel to two countries. It has now seven border ports and dozens of cross-border travel routes. Hunchun is located at the junction of China, Russia, and North Korea. After the cruise route is launched it is expected that more tourists will come to Northeast Asia.

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