Lhasa to promote tourism in Hong Kong, Macao

created: 2009-11-06

Lhasa will promote its winter tourist programs in Hong Kong and Macao in mid-November, according to the Lhasa City Tourism Bureau.

Qiangqiong, an official of the bureau, said that Hong Kong is a world's tourist distribution center and transhipment station, as well as one of China's inbound tourism markets.
Through the platform of Hong Kong, Tibet will be able to attract more high-end tourists from Hong Kong and Macao, as well as visitors from Southeastern Asian countries, Europe and Americas.

At the promotion spots, visitors will be able to appreciate Tibetan-style costumes and Tibetan songs and dances.

Besides, the Lhasa City Tourism Bureau will sign a letter of intent with the Jetour Group, a Hong Kong-based travel agency.

Following the trip to Hong Kong and Macao, Lhasa officials will promote the city's tourism programs in Japan and South Korea.

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