Guangxi will star-rate travel agencies

created: 2009-07-09

The Guangxi Travel Agency Quality Grading and Assessment Method has been officially implemented, meaning that in the future Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region will have star-rated travel agencies.

According to the Method, travel agencies and branches that are set up in Guangxi and have run normal business for over a year are all qualified to take part in the grading and assessment. The grading work will be based on the number of years in operation, operational performance, human resources, management mechanism, marketing management, commercial and social credibility, and many other aspects.

This is the first time that Guangxi has adopted quantitative criteria to assess travel agencies. With full mark being 200, travel agencies that get 150 and above points will be graded as five-star, those that get 120 and above points will be four-star, 80 points and above will be graded as three-star, 50 points and above will be two-star, and 30 and above will be one-star. Agencies whose scores are below 30 will be regarded as substandard.

The ranking list will be announced in the media. Agencies that have acquired four and five stars will be in the red list, those that get less than 30 points or that have operated for over one year but are not qualified to join the assessment will be included in the yellow list, while those who have been in the yellow list for more than one year or who are ordered to stop business for rectification will be put on the black list.

(China Hospitality News July 9, 2009)

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