HK pavilion in Shanghai Expo on solid footing

created: 2009-07-03

The foundations of the Hong Kong Pavilion at World Exposition 2010 Shanghai China were completed Thursday, said the Hong Kong government website.

Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang, and the full-time Deputy Director of the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Co-ordination (SEB) Zhong Yangun, jointly added the last of the concrete foundations at a ceremony on the Hong Kong Pavilion site.

Under the theme "Hong Kong -- A City with Unlimited Potential", the Pavilion will highlight Hong Kong's unique characteristics and showcase the city's creativity as well as connectivity with the mainland and the rest of the world during the Shanghai Expo period from May 1 to Oct. 31, 2010.

The stand-alone Hong Kong Pavilion, located in front of the China Pavilion, occupies a site of about 600 square meters on the Pudong side of the Expo site. It will have an exhibition area of about 800 square meters.

Upon completion, the three-level Hong Kong Pavilion will have a sleek and contemporary look. The middle level is mostly transparent giving the pavilion a distinctive image that symbolizes the infinite imagination and creativity of Hong Kong and its people.

During the six-month Expo period, a range of activities and events promoting Hong Kong will also be held, including a "Hong Kong Week" in October 2010.

The Hong Kong government signed the agreement to participate in the Shanghai Expo with the SEB in May 2008.

With the approval of the Legislative Council, the Hong Kong government has committed 346 million HK dollars in funding for Hong Kong's Expo presence. (one U.S. dollar equals 7.742 HK dollars)

(Xinhua News Agency July 3, 2009)

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