Rubber Duck coming soon--September 16th in Beijing

created: 2013-08-20

The promotional poster for the Beijing Rubber Duck. [Photo:]


According to the Beijing Design Week Committee, the Rubber Duck will arrive in Beijing on September 16 and stay until October 17. As for the recent rumors that the Rubber Duck would land in the Summer Palace, the committee claimed that they never released such news, and that they would announce the ultimate selected address for the Rubber Duck shortly.


The waters in the central region of Beijing within the third ring road were previously reported as the location of the coming rubber duck attraction. However, according to Zeng Hui, the Deputy Director of Beijing Design Week Committee, they took into account traffic and security considerations, and decided to choose a new location outside the third ring road. The Summer Palace, Chaoyang Park and the Olympic Forest Park are the three most favored "candidates" at present.


Previously, the committee had claimed that the Beijing Rubber Duck's height would be around 10 meters. As the location is set to change, so too will the size of the inflatable duck. The committee negotiated with the Duck's creator Florentijn Hofman and both parties decided to increase its height. According to the present plan, the Beijing Rubber Duck will be more spectacular than the 16.5-meters Hong Kong Rubber Duck. The specific height of the Beijing Rubber Duck will be released soon.


What's more, Hofman and the operation team of Beijing Design Week are working on the design and development of the Rubber Duck subsidiary products and activities. Zeng Hui said that, "The subsidiary products will also incorporate the history and culture of Beijing. We will develop some derivatives that are matched with the city's landscape and environment." According to Zeng, Hofman is very serious about the subsidiary products related to the Rubber Duck and will examine every one of them carefully.


After changes to the original plan, Shichahai will now be the location for all "Rubber Duck"-related subsidiary activities.


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