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created: 2009-04-16

Jinggangshan in east China's Jiangxi Province is known as the birthplace of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. The place is hailed as the cradle of the Chinese revolution and attracts many visitors from far and near every year. Recently a song and dance extravaganza called "Jinggangshan" was held, adding an artistic atmosphere to the revolutionary base.

After enjoying daytime sight-seeing in Jinggangshan, visitors then have the opportunity in the evening to take in a stage performance inspired by revolutionary history.

A tourist said, "It's awesome! Fabulous! The performance has increased our understanding of the history."

"The show represents the former glory of Jinggangshan. I've learnt lots of new things." Said a tourist.

The evening performance "Jinggangshan" runs twice a day in the peak season.

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