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created: 2009-04-13

 Shanghai expats will be able to get an English version of Hangzhou discount tourism coupons from today.

Altogether 10,000 Hangzhou coupon books, worth 2 million yuan (US$285,700), will be distributed in Shanghai, officials said yesterday.

The coupons can be redeemed at participating scenic spots, hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues in Hangzhou and surrounding counties which including Tonglu, Fuyang and Lin'an.

People can get the coupon book, which contains 20 10-yuan coupons, by presenting their passport from the South Beauty Restaurant at Xintiandi or at the six Shanghai branches of the Hangzhou-based Shunfeng Restaurant.

Or you can register your details at the Website and the coupon book will be sent out.

The coupons will also be distributed in several universities and international schools for foreign students. The coupon book comes with a user's guide.

The English coupons work the same way as the Chinese ones.

The 10-yuan coupon can be redeemed when spending at least 40 yuan.

For example, if admission to a scenic spot costs 40 yuan, using the coupon will cut the price to 30 yuan.

Hangzhou is the first city to issue an English version of travel coupons.

According to the Hangzhou government, they wished the coupons will arouse expats' interests to visit the city, which is praised as "the Heaven on Earth" in China.

It will also soon hold a photography contest for expats in China, with the works to be displayed in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

The Chinese version of the Hangzhou travel coupon was issued in Shanghai in early March, causing a mad rush.

When the coupons were being distributed police had to be called to maintain order and the distribution had to be halted temporarily.

(Shanghai Daily April 13, 2009)


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