Xi'an Travel Tips

created: 2012-11-16

China Daily, November 15, 2012
As the birthplace of Huaxia civilization, Xi’an is a city with long history and abundant cultural heritage, and was entitled the national historical and cultural city in the first batch. As one of the four famous capitals in the world, (the other three are Rome, Cairo and Athens), Xi’an is exceptionally rich in resources for traveling and is a city  that is well-known worldwide. There are over 120 mausoleums of the emperors surrounding the Xi’an city. The Terracotta Warriors are reputed as "the eighth miracle” in the world.
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor is the first Chinese heritage that is included in the World Heritage List. The ancient city wall of Xi’an is the most well- protected and the most splendid ancient city wall relics in the world up till now. The beautiful landscape combined with the modern site of the ancient city constitutes the unique charm of Xi’an.
Transportation: Xi’an is located at the geographical center of China, as the important traffic hub that connects the western part of China, Xi’an forms the modern transportation network mainly contributed by the aviation, the railway and the highway.
Foods: The famous food of Xi’an should be snacks. Most snacks are belong to snacks of Hui ethnic group, such as, spicy soup, steamed pork with rice flour, soup dumplings, persimmon cake, bubble steamed mutton, sprinkle and the grills. Something that must be noted are the noodles of Xi’an, there are various kinds of noodles in Xi’an, such as biangbiang noodle, Qishan noodle, hand-pulled noodle, spiced noodles, that are too numerous to count. The people in Xi’an like eating noodle very much so you can find the best noodle here throughout China.
Accommodation: There are adequate choices for accommodation in Xi’an, but if encountered golden week or peak seasons, you had better book the hotel in advance. Besides, the prices would rise in the peak seasons.
Shopping: The East Avenue is the traditional commercial street of Xi’an. It is an excellent place for shopping. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can go to the College Cultural Street. If you are interested in boutique, you can go to Huajue Lane antique market , Eight Immortals hut antique market and Chenghuang Temple market. Remember do not touch the so-called antiques that piled up together, in case that you will be cheated. Some tips: Xi’an is much dryer than the southern areas, remember to drink more water and take care of your skin. The best seasons for traveling to Xi’an is spring and autumn. If you go in summer, get yourself ready for SPF protection. The sunshine is fierce around the noon and the temperature is very high. There happens to be thunderstorms now and then. Please avoid going to the places without sunshade measures in the daytime.

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