Ditan Park's Autumn Complexion

created: 2012-11-05

CRI, November 2, 2012
Ditan Park is a big park area, just to the north of downtown central Beijing. For those who need a bit of breathing space on the off hours, Ditan Park is popular escape, a place to meditate on the passing of the seasons, and snap photos while doing so.
At its center is the Temple of Earth, partner to the Temple of Heaven, Temple of Moon and Temple of Sun. But the temple itself is very plain compared to the Temple of Heaven's extravagance. Most people visit the park purely for its exercise spaces and open walkways, lined with trees. To the north it also has a family entertainment area with a few rides and games.
Though it is generally spacious and quiet, several times a year the park hosts fairs or festivals at which times ticket prices jump, and visitors squeeze through the makeshift market aisles to get a peek at whatever is happening.
Entrance fee: 2 yuan. More during festivals.
Reaching there: From Yonghegong subway station, walk 5 minutes north.
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