Travelers May Bring only One Dog or Cat

created: 2012-10-31

People's Daily, October 30, 2012
Travelers from overseas can bring only one pet dog or cat into the Chinese mainland, in accordance with a new inspection and quarantine regulation that will be enforced beginning from Thursday.
Other species of pets will be barred from entering, authorities said.
The country's inspection and quarantine authorities will also put dogs and cats in two categories: rabies-infected areas and non-rabies areas.
Those from regions where rabies is a problem will be quarantined for 30 days while those from non-rabies areas will be isolated for seven days, administration officials said.
In the past, all pets were quarantined for 30 days regardless of origin, officials said.
Rescue work or guide dogs for blind people will be exempt from the isolation period once the dogs' certifications are verified.
The new regulation also covers a broader range of items barred from entering the country. Soil and genetically modified organisms, which were not on the banned list before, are included on the new list, officials said.
Fresh vegetables and fruits continue to be banned along with bird's nest, a tonic popular in Asia, from entering the Chinese mainland. But canned bird's nest products will be allowed.
The new rules also will streamline procedures for passengers who are catching a connecting flight. Previously, passengers had to claim their bags and check them in again for the next flight.
Under the new rules, an inspection zone will be set up and staff members will transport baggage for the passengers who are transferring.

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