Show of Terracotta Warriors in 4D to Invade Hong Kong

created: 2012-07-20

CNTV, July 18, 2012
An unprecedented exhibition has a great number of people excited. The largest exhibition of artifacts from the Qin Dynasty ever held in Hong Kong is about to take place at the end of this month. Visitors will be able to experience all the glory and richness of the Terracotta Warriors along with other treasures in 4D.
Over 120 artifacts from the Qin Dynasty will be showcased at the Hong Kong Museum of History.
The highlight of the event will be a 4D rendering of the pit where the terracotta warriors were discovered.
Audiences can ever interact with the virtual warriors by standing in front of a hi-def camera. The company who makes the effects possible provided a similar service at the Beiing Olympics in 2008.
Teng Jie, marketing director of Virtual Effects Company, said, "We employed cutting-edge media technology in this latest show, enabling visitors to see the terracotta warrior in multi-dimensions. The feature allowing visitors to interact with virtual warriors is also a great highlight. "
The exhibition runs from July 25th to November 26th. Organizers estimate that the exhibition will attract about 400,000 visitors.

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