Beijing's Tourism to Become More 'Intelligent'

created: 2012-05-18

People's Daily, May 17, 2012
Recently, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development officially issued the "Outline of Beijing Intelligent Tourism Program (2012-2015)" and four construction plans of the "intelligent tourism zone," "intelligent hotel," "intelligent travel agency" and "intelligent countryside tourism."
The commission plans to realize a full integration of the tourism and technologies in four years by using modern information technologies, such as the "Internet of Things" and "Cloud Computing" so that tourists will be able to easily get tourism information and satisfy their individual demands by using terminal equipment, such as the iPad and mobile phone.
In an "intelligent tourism zone," tourists will be able to conveniently choose suitable routes by using things like the mobile phone, tour the zone by using the self-help tourist guiding system, clearly know details of the zone by using the virtual tourism system, and learn about the situation of tourists in the zone and adjust their tourism routes accordingly by using the tourism early-warning system. In this way, the tourism issues of Beijing, such as "too many tourists in a tourism zone" or "being unable to fully enjoy a tourism zone," will be greatly relieved.
The "intelligent hotel" will be able to fully and timely learn about its customers' preferences, attendants' positions and the situations of its facilities and services. In an "intelligent hotel," tourists will be able to conveniently control intelligent facilities, such as the air-conditioner, light and curtain, by pushing several buttons.
The "intelligent travel agency" will allow tourists to choose tourism products, service companies and tourism routes freely and also provide such services as the automatic positioning, safety early-warning and emergency response for the fully journey. Tourists will be able to clearly know and evaluate implementation conditions of their tourism schedules, conditions of their route arrangements and service conditions of their tourism guides by checking their terminal equipment or downloading journey bills.
In an intelligent tourism village, the electronic navigation information service will be able to tell tourists about the surrounding beautiful landscapes and activities. Tourists will be able to confirm their booked rooms via their mobile phone ID or electronic tickets. When the tourists are leaving, they will be able to pay their restaurant and hotel bills by swiping bank cards or using mobile phone payments. Tourists will also be able to purchase special local products on the Website of Beijing "intelligent countryside tourism."

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