Simatai Great Wall, The Section Provides Ziplining, Closed from June 17, 2010

created: 2012-05-04

VisitOurChina May 4, 2012-5-3
The Simatai Great Wall has been closed since June 17, 2010 for maintaining and upgrading. And the resuming time is still not show now.
Simatai Great Wall, one of the most marvelous section of the Great Wall in Beijing, is not only an untamed attraction renowned for its steepness and amazing state of preservation, but also one of the places offering ziplining. Due to the large gradient and small landing field, the ziplining of Simatai Great Wall requires high techniques both in taking off and landing. The liftoff site of the ziplining is just in the above not far from the cable car terminal.

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