Tibetan Treasures First Exhibited in South China's Guangdong

created: 2012-04-12

Xinhua, April 11, 2012
An exhibition of rare treasures from southwest China's Tibet opens in the country's south Guangdong Province on April 10, which is the first of its kind ever held in the coastal province, according to the organizer.
Over 200 cultural relics are displayed in six sections, covering ancient books and records, Buddhist statues, Thangka paintings, Buddhist instruments, Tibetan costumes and Tibetan household supplies, in the Provincial Museum of Guangdong in its capital city Guangzhou.
The exhibits are all from Tibet Museum, the only first-grade state museum in Tibet combining functions of collection, exhibition and research of cultural relics.
With relics ranging from the 9th century to the 20th century, the exhibition fully displays the time-honored Tibetan culture and ethnic charms.
Among the exhibits, gilt copper statue of Green Tara, a merciful female Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism, is displayed out of Tibet Museum for the first time, said Dawa Darkpa, curator of Tibet Museum.
During the exhibition, the museum will hold other related activities such as painting contests themed "Tibetan Plateau in my heart", four lectures and relevant salons, according to the organizer.
Co-organized by the cultural departments of both Guangdong and Tibet, the exhibition will lasts to June 28.

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