Wetland Tourism Becomes Bright Spot in Tibet

created: 2012-02-06

China Tibet Online, February 3, 2012
"Protecting wetland and developing healthy and green tourism" has become a bright spot in Tibet's tourism industry, echoing the theme——"Developing tourism with a sense of responsibility" of the 16th World Wetland Day falling on Thursday as well as its slogan "Wetland traveling, a beautiful experience".
According to statistics, Tibet has a total of 6.5235 million hectares of wetland, taking up 4.9% percent of the region's total land areas.
In recent years, in response to the world trend of focusing on building harmonious relationship with nature and creating high-quality life, Tibet has also begun to pay increasing attention to the protection of wetland during development.
For example, it has built several national Wetlands Nature Reserves, two international ones and many others of lower levels, playing a critical role in protecting the region's bio-diversity and constructing ecological security defense of Tibet.
It's learned that the region's Forestry Bureau will take multiple measures, f=like strengthening publicity to raise the public awareness on wetland protection, so that wetland, the renowned "lung of a city" can contribute best to the harmonious development of cities and the health of the public.

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