Tourism Festival Kicks off at Western Hills

created: 2011-09-26

By Wang Zhiyong, September 24, 2011  
Time: September 23 – October 28, 2011
Theme: "Western Hills • Leisure Life"
The opening ceremony of 2011 Western Hills Tourism Festival opened Friday in the Old Summer Palace, a former Manchu royal park in Beijing.
Western Hills, in Beijing’s northeastern Haidian District, is home to royal gardens, temples and other historical and cultural sites. Tourists not only can enjoy the natural scenery of the hills and farms, but also take part in activities of fitness and entertainment.
Highlighting the leisure life in Western Hills, local tourism officials and operators have mapped out a series of activities and tourist routes. Four treasure hunting activities will each take place on Sept. 24-25, Oct. 1-6, Oct. 15-16 and Oct. 22. There will also be two bicycle tours and a Nordic hiking camp on Sep 24-25 at Phoenix Ridge Nature Park.
The hiking participants will learn about Nordic hiking patterns and meditation methods that could help them lead a healthy and leisurely lifestyle. The tourists can enjoy barbecue buffet, watch outdoor movies and stay in the camp tents in the evening.
Other scheduled activities will include Red Autumn Leaves Festival at Xiangshan (Fragrant Hill) Park and Baiwangshan Park, Mountain Climbing Festival at Phoenix Ridge Park and Jiufeng Forest Park, Gingko Leaves Festival at Dajue Temple, and Osmanthus Blossom Show at the Summer Palace.
Featured Travel Routes of Western Hills
1. Colorful Autumn Leaves Tour
    A. Red Autumn Leaves at Xiangshan Park – Zhengjue Temple at Yuanmingyuan (Old Summer Palace);
    B. Flowers at Beijing Botanical Garden - Osmanthus Blossom Show at the Summer Palace / Autumn Forests at Baiwangshan Forest Park.
2. Folk Culture Tour
    A. Millennium Ginkgo at Dajue Temple – Folk Meal and fruit-picking at Guanjialing;
    B. Colorful Autumn Leaves at Jiufeng Forest Park / Springs at Yangtai Mountain - Folk Meal and fruit-picking at Xishan Meilu.
3. Other tours:
   A. Extreme sports at Kuangbiao Entertainment Park - Fruit-picking at Xishan Meilu;
   B. Health culture experience at Phoenix Ridge – Qi Jiguang's story at Che’erying Folk Culture Village – Fruit-picking at Western Hills Farm.
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