Time for Chrysanthemums!

created: 2011-09-23

CRI, September 22, 2011  
Beijing is a city subject to a reign of golden colors during autumn. Besides the yellowing leaves which stain the city's suburban mountains, another messenger of this golden season presents itself within the botanical gardens, public parks and in flower markets – chrysanthemums.
Here are four selected venues for chrysanthemum viewing in Beijing.
1. The International Flower Port, Shunyi District
The chrysanthemum flower festival will be held at the International Flower Port from September 24 to October 31. Over 700 thousand chrysanthemum flowers of various species will be exhibited during the show.
Tickets: 80 yuan per person
2. The Beijing Garden of World Flowers, Fengtai District
The Beijing Garden of World Flowers is scheduled to organize a chrysanthemum show, presenting over 200 species of chrysanthemum and inviting flower specialists to communicate with visitors on gardening topics.
Tickets: 50 yuan per person
3. The Beijing Botanical Garden, Haidian District
The outdoor areas of the Beijing Botanical Garden will be arranged into different themes with autumn flowers being the evolving star of the show - including nearly 1500 species of blossoming chrysanthemums.
Tickets: 5 yuan per person for entrance 50 yuan per person for the green house
4. Beihai Park, Xicheng District
The chrysanthemum flower show at Beihai Park will consist of two indoor exhibitions and four outdoor sections. A special area will be dedicated to chrysanthemum bonsai and chrysanthemum flower arrangement works.
Tickets: 10 yuan per person

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