A Natural Experience at Beijing's Caravan Park

created: 2011-08-24

CRI, August 23, 2011  
When you hear the name "Beijing", your first thought probably isn't caravans, lakes and trees, but a festival at Nanyuan Caravan Park of Beijing, which opened last Friday, and is offering all this and more.
The Nanyuan Caravan Park, located between the southern fourth ring road and fifth ring road, is the nearest camping park from downtown Beijing.
Covered in a forest of nearly 130 thousand trees and with a natural water source of five lakes encompassing some 30 thousand square meters, the park is expected to bring campers authentic outdoor living experiences.
In its first phase of operation, the park is offering 50 caravans for rent, each of which is capable of accommodating a family of six people.
During the festival, the park will also house an exhibition of several advanced models of caravans made in the United States and Germany.
The park is also open to tent campers at designated areas.
To make the festival a special event, the organizers will hold regular events such as jockey clubs and various games catering for families with children.
The festival will run to the end of the National Day Holiday in October.

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