Shanghai Promotes Cultural, Travel and Sports Events in Hong Kong

created: 2011-08-19

By Mao Leilei
Xinhua, August 18, 2011
Hong Kong – a promotion introducing Shanghai’s upcoming events of the autumn was held by the delegation of Shanghai Municipal Government led by the Deputy Secretary Xue Chao in Hong Kong.
The grand events promoted in Hong Kong are: the 13th China Shanghai International Arts Festival from Oct 18 to Nov 18, Shanghai tourism Festival from Sep 10 to Oct 6, and more than 54 items and 174 sessions of international and domestic sports tournaments in September, including Shanghai ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Masters 1000, F1 Chinese Grand Prix, and Shanghai Golden Grand Prix, etc.
According to the sponsor, the 13th China Shanghai International Arts Festival will hold a series of high-end exhibitions and featured events, including the ‘Dunhuang Art Exhibition’, 'Freehand China’ Art Exhibition, German Culture Exhibition, Gansu Provincial Cultural Week, Shanghai International Magic Circles and ‘Tribute to the Masters -- commemorate the 200th anniversary of Franz Liszt’, etc. In the Shanghai Tourism Festival of this year, the main tourist attractions, 21 high-star hotels and some of the well-known catering business will launch sales promotions. Featured events such as Suzhou River Shibawan ‘water antiphonal singing’ party, Travel Kite Festival, Shanghai Nongtang Tour, and Tea Gourmet Festival will present us a harmonious integration of modern civilization and traditional culture in Shanghai.
Promoting the developing goal of constructing a "world-famous tourist city", Shanghai will excavate the culture resources, innovate the travel brands, optimize the sports events and enhance the international level. The important cultural, tourism and sports events in this fall will keep springing up and bring to climaxes, Xue said.
This year is the tenth consecutive year for Shanghai to have important cultural and tourism events in Hong Kong.

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