Tourist Trains set off from Moscow to Beijing for 15-day Trip

created: 2011-08-17

Xinhua, August 16, 2011
The first two tourist trains from Russia's capital city of Moscow to the Chinese capital city of Beijing officially set off on Monday, bringing about 400 passengers aboard to tour cities in Russia, Mongolia and China.
According to the Russian Railways (RZD), tourists from 20 countries and regions are going to spend two weeks on their way to Beijing through major Russian cities along the Trans-Siberian route and Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator.
The passengers are served in seven languages before they arrive in Beijing on Aug. 29.
Italian tourist Franco Orsoni told Xinhua that he had spent 5, 000 euros (about 7222.5 U.S. dollars) for the trip. "I expected to travel along the Trans-Siberian railway and see the scenery of different cities.”
"I will also spend several days in Beijing and see the city sight," Orsoni added.
The twin 21-carriage trains are scheduled to depart from Beijing on Aug. 20 and return back to Moscow on Sept. 4.
The trains have shower carriages, canteen carriage, bar carriage and two restaurant carriages each.
The tour also includes long stops in several cities during the trip, circumnavigating the Baikal lake and a night spent in a Mongolian nomadic tent.

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