China's First Tyrannosaurus Museum Opens in East Province

created: 2011-07-04

Xinhua, July 2, 2011
China's first tyrannosaurus museum opened to the public in east Shandong Province on Friday, receiving thousands of visitors on its first day.
Covering 30,000 square meters, China Tyrannosaurus Museum began construction in early 2010 after the Asia's largest and China's only tyrannosaurus was unearthed in Zhucheng City in Shandong.
The museum features high-tech facilities to exhibit the skeletons of the tyrannosaurus and others dinosaurs.
The massive reptiles square off in battle as fossils are used to recreate fights among the tyrannosaurus, ankylosaurus and the ceratosaurus during the late Cretaceous period (145.5 to 65.5 million years ago).
Zhucheng City has unearthed large areas of dinosaur fossils since 2008 and has built up a series of dinosaur museums, including Cretaceous Dinosaur Geopark, Huanglong Valley Dinosaur Footprint Museum, Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum and the Dinosaur Egg Museum.

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