China National Convention Center Held 116 Events in January

created: 2011-03-10

The China National Convention Center recently announced that it had held 116 events in total in the first month of 2011, almost doubling the number held in January 2010 when there were 70 events.
Statistics show that the events held in January included 27 conferences with more than 700 delegates and one exhibition with 30,000 attendees.
Commenting on the results Liu HaiYing, the general manager of CNCC, said that this was the second January they had experienced since opening for business and in January they increased the total number of events by 46. He added that as January is the most popular month for company annual meetings, he believed they would do better year after year as the venue becomes established as a key location for such events.
In its first full year of operation from January 1 to December 31, 2010, CNCC was the venue for 663 events attended by more than 717,000 people, including 14 international exhibitions with 102,800 visitors and 54 international conferences with 74,658 delegates, of which 21 qualified for ICCA statistics due to the rotation criteria. The most popular months for international events, as for other locations worldwide, remained October and September with June increasingly being requested.

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