Hong Kong Airport Celebrates Record Traffic

created: 2011-01-05

Hong Kong International Airport recently announced that its 2010 passenger flow volume and cargo tonnage have exceeded the 50 million passengers and four million tons marks for the first time, setting new annual records.
A commemoration ceremony was held at the airport to mark the occasion. The 50 millionth passengers who arrived at HKIA on Christmas Day was Wong Seng-hoe from Singapore, while the four millionth tonne of cargo was a consignment of electronic products bound for Dubai.
Speaking at the ceremony the secretary for transport and housing, Eva Cheng, said that this was an encouraging accomplishment, and was the result of the close cooperation and joint efforts of the Hong Kong Airport Authority, its business partners and the entire aviation and travel industry.
Cheng also said that the HKAA has launched its master plan study for 2030, which will look into the feasibility of building a third runway, with a view to reinforcing Hong Kong's status as an international and regional aviation center.
Stanley Hui, the CEO of the HKAA, said that as part of the ongoing effort to increase capacity to meet future growth while also maintaining high service standards,in early 2011 the HKAA has a midfield development project that will result in a new passenger concourse and 20 additional parking stands by 2015. In addition the HKIA Master Plan 2030, which outlines the airport's aviation demand and development needs over the next 20 years, will also be released for public consultation within the first half of 2011.
Hong Kong International Airport is connected to 155-plus destinations, including more than 40 in mainland China and handles nearly 900 flights a day for over 95 airlines.

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