Beijing Capital Airport Passenger Throughput up 7.7% in November

created: 2010-12-29

According to latest data released by the company, Passenger throughput at Beijing Capital International Airport's increased by 7.7% year on year to nearly 5.91 million in October 2010.
Statistics show that aircraft movements at the airport rose 6% year on year to around 43,100 last month. Aircraft movements on domestic air routes rose 4.5% while those on international, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan air routes rose by 12%.Aircraft movements by foreign airlines increased by 11.8% year on year.
Passenger throughput on domestic air routes rose 6.1% while that for international, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan air routes rose 13.4%. The passenger throughput of foreign airlines rose 14.6%.
During the period from January to November, passenger throughput and aircraft movements rose by 13.3% and 6.2% year on year to 67.99 million and 474,310, respectively.
The annual passenger throughput at the airport reached up to 70 million at 20:10 on December 9, 2010. Its full-year passenger throughput is expected to reach 74 million.

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