CTS Announces Expansion Plans for 2011

created: 2010-11-29

China Travel Service Head Office recently revealed that it plans to develop its traditional inbound and outbound travel business and expand its presence in the medium- and high-end market.
Chen Rong, the CEO of CTS said that the company will not only actively promote civil travel but also explore the cruise tour, self-guided tour and self drive tour markets, as part of its goal to accelerate its transformation into a travel service operator from a travel service provider at a faster pace.
In 2011, CTS plans to map out outbound self drive routes and establishes Chita self drive center. In the meantime the company will also establish several domestic self drive routes to expand its domestic self drive product line: including Beijing to Beidaihe and Shanhaiguan, Beijing to Xi'an, Xi'an to Xinjiang, and Chengdu to Lahsa.
CTS is the largest travel agency in China, which has more than 100 travel agencies across China and around the world.

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