Nanning Cuisine

To be honest, Nanning does not boast any celebrated dishes. However, its Laoyou Fen, or Friendship Noodles, Fenjiao, or dumplings, sorts of sauerkraut and porridge are most famous. As Nanning Cuisine falls into Cantonese Cuisine, it features tenderness and freshness. A multitude of snacks can be chosen from. "If you are in Xinjiang, try roasted mutton; if you stay in Nanning, stroll around sauerkraut stalls" praises the pleasant taste of its sauerkraut. "Having long heard of rice wrapped in lotus leaves, one tries it and the delicious taste lingers" commends the appetizing rice of Hexiangyuan.  "Visiting Nanning without having Moshang porridge, even the immortal will stamp his feet when leaving" lauds the inviting porridge. In addition, noodles with fried beef offal, fish porridge of Shuangji, zongzi made of mung beans and meat, sweet rice dumplings of Li Zifan, and cakes and seetmeats of Chengxiangyuan are called "Five Delicacies" of Nanning food.

Laoyou Noodle (老友粉)

Laoyou Noodle, or Friendship Noodle has a history of more than 100 years. Legend has it that an old man patronized Zhouji Teahouse every day, but one day, he did not come because he caught a cold. So the boss of the teahouse made a bowl of noodle and sent it to his friend. After having it, the old man was on the mend. And that is how Laoyou Noodle got its name. Laoyou can stimulate your appetite and dispel cold, that is why it enjoys great popularity. Now, it has become a must-eat dish whenever you visit Nanning.

Ox Offal of Wangfu (王府牛杂)

Ox offal of Wuxu Wangfu enjoys a good reputation around China due to its distinctive flavour, and was received favourable comments from State Bureau of Internal Trade as famous dish of China. Its ox offal is so fresh that citizens in Nanning like it very much. In addition, it is quite easy to make the dish; just fry it without any complicated process. In this way the taste is retained. That is another reason for its attraction to many people.

Lemon Duck (柠檬鸭)

Lemon duck is a speciality of Wuming County, Nanning city. It tastes so sour and spicy that it can absolutely stimulate your appetite! First, wash the duck and cut it into pieces. Fry it and put some chili, mustard, ginger, lemon, smoked plum and mashed garlic in it. Then, add fermented soya beans before sesame oil. So a mouthwatering dish will be presented before your eyes!