Ledu Cuisine

Located in Haidong, Qinghai Province, Ledu has many special dishes and snacks of Qinghai Province, such as Roasted Barley Flour (糌粑), Niangpi (酿皮), Stir-fried and Braised Lamb (爆焖羊羔肉), Yogurt (酸奶), Milk Skin (奶皮), Roast Mutton Shashlik (烤羊肉串), etc. Ledu abounds in potato, long chili pepper, cherry, purple garlic, etc, which are important food material or ingredients.

Fried Potatoes (炸洋芋)
In the past, potato was the staple food of Local People. Today, Fried Potatoes is a popular snack in Ledu.

Goujiaoniao (狗浇尿)
Goujiaoniao is actually a kind of deep-fried pancake. It is made from wheat flour, tonka-bean, and colza oil. It is a very popular local snack food.

Niangpi (酿皮)
Niangpi is a popular snack made of flour which is kneaded and then steamed, sliced and served with vinegar, chili oil, mustard, mashed garlic.

Stir-fried and Braised Lamb (爆焖羊羔肉)
Stir-fried and Braised Lamb is a specialty on plateau. A lamb is slaughtered and skinned within 15 days after birth. It is diced and stir-fried in oil with pasta sauce, ginger powder, chili powders and salt. When the meat turns red, it will be braised with water. Tender, crispy, soft, this dish is just made to ignite your taste buds.