Marriage Tradition of Yunnan Ethnic Minority

Marriage Tradition in Distinctive Styles
Fernleaf Hedge Bamboo in the Moon——From Inviting Girls to the Ceremony of Tying Up Thread 

Teenage people of Dai nationality enjoys free romantic relationship. When they are around thirteen, young men will be well dressed and go to the girls’ home in the evening, trying to attract girls’ attention by performing all kinds of sounds or music. 

The main ceremony of Dai people’s wedding is Tying Up Thread which symbolizes getting the couple’s heart tight together.

Flower Street and Red Rope as Token for Love --Chuang National Minority Marriage

Chuang people says that folksong is the first matchmaker. Their singing party in every year falls on the third day of the third lunar month. All the young people get together to the Flower Street to sing to each other, looking for a date. Another loving method is Red Rope as Token for love. The first thing for the bridegroom to do in the wedding is tie his red rope up to the bride’s which is attached in the table leg. This ritual symbolizes forever love.