Kunming Cuisine

Those who have been Kunming for the first time would often think the flavour of Yunnan – neither spicier than that of Guizhou, nor more tingling than that of Sichuan. However, it is its distinct flavour that makes food in Yunnan outstanding in ethnic and local features.  As the provincial capital of Yunnan, Kunming has a concentration of all styles of Yunnan cuisine and snacks. Since the locals are fond of eating, it will be quite convenient for travelers to explore Yunnan food. While Yunnan rice noodle is McDonald for residents in Kunming, wild mushrooms are gifts from Mother Nature. Neither of them can be missed whenever traveling in Kunming! Of course, different food of the world can also be found if you do not feel accustomed to the Yunnan cuisine.

Cross-bridge Rice Noodle (过桥米线)

Yunnan rice noodle, or cross-bridge rice noodle is to Yunnan people what McDonald is to the Americans. It has a history of more than a hundreds' years, but spread to Kunming only fifty years ago. Locals love it because on one hand, it can be served as either staple or snack, on the other hand, it is tender nutritious and refreshing.

Wild Mushroom (野生菌)

Yunnan is the kingdom of wild mushrooms. Of six hundreds edible fungi around the world, three hundreds of them are available in Yunnan province. Owing to the rich amino acid, deliciousness, nutrition, edible fungi are notable as treasure of the Mother Nature. Some world-famous ones include tricholoma matsutake, collybia albuminosa, boletus and so forth.

Steamed Chicken, Yunnan Style (汽锅鸡)

The way of making steamed chicken of Yunnan style is sophisticated in that its ingredients are unique and should be cooked in clay-made steamer. Only in this way can you have the authentic dish. The tender chicken and delicious soup will lead you to endless aftertastes.

Recommended restaurants:

-1910 South Railway Station (1910火车南站) and Shanghe Huiguan (上河会馆) for authentic Yunnan cuisines.

-Shuncheng Street (顺成街), Jingxin Street (景新街), places around Xinying Housing Estate (新迎小区) and Southwest commercial building (西南商业大厦) and Baoshan Street (宝善街) for Kunming snacks.

-Guanshang Road (关上路) for fine wild mushrooms.