Korla Cuisine

Except roast whole lamb, shish kebab, nang, yoghourt, noodle that can all be found within Xinjiang, Korla boasts many a delicious food such as bergamot pears, roast fish. On the square and main streets, different sorts of restaurants are in sight, where you can try local flavour snacks of Uighur and Mongoloid. When evening falls, night market is another choice for you to enjoy delicacies. Usually, it will last one or two o’clock in the morning. When it comes to weekends, it is more bustling with noise and excitement and it will not close until three o’clock!

Bergamot Pear (香梨)

Bergamot pears are essential dainties in Korla. Every year in August and September when pears are ripe, you will eat this juicy and fresh food to your heart’s content if you are luck! Since the pear is crisp, sweet and nutritious, friends overseas call it as "Prince of China". In the year of 1985, it was praised as "China’s Excellent Fruit".

Roast Fish (烤鱼)

Roast fish is a local snack in Korla. The fish is from Bosten Lake, fat and tender, while the water is pure snow water. Only by turning the fish over fire before applying cumin, salt and butter can you try this mouthwatering snack! Though roast whole lamb is famous, having roast fish in Korla is absolutely a better choice if you prefer fresh and palatable food.