Jinan Weather

Located in the middle latitude, influenced by solar radiation, general atmospheric circulation and geographical conditions, Jinan belongs to warm temperate semihumid monsoon climate. With strong monsoon features, it has four distinctive seasons, longer summer (105-120 days) and winter (136-157 days), shorter spring and autumn; spring is dry with less rain, summer is hot and rainy, autumn is pleasantly cool but also dry, and winter is cold with less snow. Due to the unique terrain effects, Jinan is of intensive climate extremity than its surrounding areas. At one time, it has an extreme high temperature of 42.5 ℃ in summer and an extreme low temperature of -19.7 ℃ in winter. The annual average temperature of the city is about 13.8 ℃, the annual average rainfall is 685 mm and the annual sunshine duration is 1820.9 hours.

The best travel time of Jinan is the season of autumn. The recommended attractions are Spouting Spring, Pearl Spring, Black Tiger Spring, Gold Thread Spring, Suyu Spring and Red Leaves Valley.

Being a “city of springs”, Jinan attracts travelers mostly because of its flowing springs. For this reason, autumn, from September to November after the rainy season, is the best time to enjoy beautiful springs with plentiful waters. 

The Hongye Valley (with luxuriant red autumn leaves), which is regarded as "the origin of springs", "hometown of clouds", "a world of flowers" and "a sea of woods", is one of the Top 10 Jinan Scenes, also offering its best scenery in autumn.

In addition, Jinan opens a Rose Festival in the middle of May every year, during which period ten thousands of roses of varied varieties are in full blossom; therefore, spring is another perfect season to Jinan for those flower lovers.